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Student Organizations

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The Office of Student Life & Leadership (SLL) works with all student organizations to facilitate their use of University resources and to empower students in their provision of services, programs, and activities that enhance the academic experience, extend learning, and build community here at Carolina. You are always welcome to stop by the SLL suite (2501 suite in the FPG Student Union) and discuss opportunities to get involved on campus or any questions you have about your student organization. There is a team of individuals that directly supports student organizations within SLL and is highly knowledgeable on the policies and procedures.

Each Registered Student Organization (RSO) is assigned to a peer coordinator that can be found in the “About” section of the organization's Heel Life page. Currently, there are three (3) undergraduate Student Organization Coordinators, three (3) undergraduate Heel Life Coordinators, one (1) undergraduate Student Staff Supervisor, and one (1) Graduate Student Coordinator that have experience being involved in student organizations and are ready to assist you!

We support student organizations in the following ways:

  • Hold office hours in the SLL suite Mon-Fri
  • Present at the Officer Orientation sessions and review all student organization registrations  
  • Provide trainings on Heel Life and the Co-Curricular Transcript 
  • Meet 1-1 with RSOs to discuss any questions or concerns present
  • Provide assistance as needed to organization leaders and guide the organization to helpful resources
  • Facilitate Student Organization On-Demand Workshops
  • Assist at admissions events and other on-campus programs to discuss involvement opportunities with prospective, new, returning, and current students
  • Review New Student Organization registration forms and conduct meetings with the organization's leadership to ensure they are off to the right start