Resources for Officers

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Cultivating Community

How does your organization create community and build a culture of care and respect?​

- Develop community agreements​

- Set expectations of officers and members and revisit often​

- Share out university resources regularly with members​

- Build in team builders and activities during meetings​​



Officer Transition Resources

With the summer approaching quickly, it is important that outgoing officers relay information and resources to their successors in a timely and organized fashion. The Student Organizations Team holds 'Officer Transition Dinners' every semester for the incoming and outgoing officers of student organizations but we compiled some of our resources into a Transition Guide that can be found at the bottom of this webpage for you to review. Some quick tips include but are not limited to: 

  • Update the names of all new officers on the organization's Heel Life page
  • Record all passwords, key contacts, or pertinent club business into one easy-to-follow document
  • Inform new officers of any outstanding commitments, projects, or goals

On-Demand Workshops

The Office of Student Life & Leadership is excited to introduce our On-Demand Workshops for student organizations. A member of the Student Orgs team will come to your organization’s meeting to facilitate an interactive workshop. These workshops will be a great way to have the members of your organization engage in leadership development, team building, and training on University policies. Workshops will typically be an hour long.

More information about how to register coming soon!

Bi-Weekly Newsletter 

The Bi-Weekly Newsletter is updated every week and contains important information from our office and the University. Some of the information includes registration information for student organizations, leadership opportunities, fundraising events, and much more! The bulletin can be found on the main homepage of Heel Life and each officer on your organization's HL page will receive it from the account once a new edition is released.

Do you have information that you would like to have added to the weekly newsletter? Or would you like your student org to be spotlighted for the hard work they are doing? Submit your request here! 

Is your Organization Interested in having an On-Campus Mailbox? 

Student organizations can request a mailbox which is located on the 2nd floor of the annex in the FPG Student Union. You will need to submit a Mailbox Request Form by clicking here. We will then review the form and be in touch to set up a quick 10 minute meeting so that we can ensure the mailbox is functioning properly and you have the necessary details. 

Changing Your Organization's Name

If you would like to update your organization's name at any point during the year, please submit a Student Organization Name Change Request. This is done through Heel Life and the primary contact of the organization should be the individual making the request. SLL staff will review and approve the request and update your organization's name on Heel Life.

Why do I need to submit a form to update my organization's name?

In addition to SLL staff reviewing your request, the Event Services Office and your account with the Carolina Union Business Office will also be able to review the request and update their records accordingly. This will ensure that your organization is recognized throughout all three of our offices and that our records are current and accurate.

Scanner Request Form

Hosting an event and want to keep track of how many people show up and who they are? The Office of Student Life and Leadership has barcode scanners available for use by student organizations. These scanners can be used to get the PID of attendees from their One Card, and if you post your event to the Heel Life page you can use the PIDs to see who is attending your events. Scanners can be requested by submitting a Scanner Request Form that is currently active.