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Visit to find out what's happening on campus, access your student organization's page, download your Co-Curricular Transcript and more - Connect with a Heel Life Coordinator to request a training and learn more about Heel Life today! 

Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record compiled in the StudentLife portal and is an opportunity for you to have a record of your involvement and accomplishments that lists students out of classroom experiences throughout their time at Carolina. You can maximize your involvement to explore who you are, discover your personal brand and develop a record of your accomplishments. It inspires transformative learning and skill development to assist you in taking your next steps and changing the world.

How do I access my CCT?

The CCT can be accessed by students via Heel Life

These are the steps to access individual Co-Curricular Transcripts:

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with UNC-CH credentials
  3. Click your name in the upper right corner
  4. Click “Co-Curricular Transcript” in the middle of the screen to the right. It is a gray tab.
  5. You can download the transcript, edit/delete the information on it, or save it as a PDF.

What can a student use the CCT for?

This document will provide information on a student’s participation and level of involvement in co-curricular activities that can be used:

  • As a record of involvement at Carolina
  • As a supplement to a student’s resume
  • In applications for awards and scholarships
  • In applications for post-undergraduate programs
  • To develop an elevator pitch for interviews

    Individual Users 

    Student Organization Leaders

    University Departments

    Heel Life is a site that campus departments can utilize to advertise their office and the resources/opportunities they offer for students. Please view below some of the 'Best Practices' we have gathered from our All Star department pages so that your area can utilize Heel Life to it's fullest potential! 

    • Example pages
    • Best Practices
      • Update the description to include mission, vision, general info., contact info., and social media links
      • Submit events and map to the Carolina Excellence outcomes
      • Develop forms (similar to Google Forms) to collect information from students for applications, reflections, and more
      • Upload pictures from programs onto the page to make it more engaging
      • Create news articles to relay details about programs and other important area updates
      • Upload useful documents that members on your roster can utilize and/or are available for all students to use
      • Invite staff from your area to be listed on the roster portion of the page
        • Send messages to individuals in your roster through relay messaging
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