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NC Fellows

Anniversary logo for the NC Fellows program.

Founded in 1967, the North Carolina Fellows Program is a three-year, cohort-based program where students are challenged to look at leadership from a non-positional lens and create a personalized definition of leadership that will positively contribute to their time in and beyond the Carolina community.

Housed in Student Life & Leadership, the NC Fellows Program selects 25 to 30 first-year students per year to embark on a unique leadership development journey during their time at Carolina that includes both curricular and co-curricular components. 

Application information for the Class of 2028 cohort coming soon!

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year of the NC Fellows program is focused around learning individual values and consciousness of self. This is accomplished during the required sophomore seminar, which is a three-credit hour course that takes place in the fall semester. The primary purpose of this course is to facilitate learning opportunities and experiences which allow participants to learn more about leadership development from an educational perspective, their values and identities and how those play a role in their leadership style and multiple facets of their lives. In addition, participants will learn more about their cohort members and engage in dialogue about community and societal issues. 

Junior Year

The junior year of the NC Fellows program is focused on applying relationship building skills to community service. Junior members will participate in a seminar during their first semester dedicated to learning their identity in service. Following this seminar, they will complete a two-credit class where they put their knowledge into practice and work with a community partner to produce a capstone project.

Senior Year

The senior year of the NC Fellows program is focused around learning community values and consciousness of context. Throughout the spring of their senior year, NC Fellows will take a required one credit hour capstone course. This course is focused on reflecting on one's experience both inside and outside the NC Fellows program, and learning how to apply leadership concepts, skills and experiences beyond college. 

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