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Logo for Student Engagement, Empowerment, and Development (SEED) co-curricular leadership certificate program.

Student Engagement, Empowerment, & Development (SEED); Growing Leadership at Carolina. This Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate Series will provide students with an asynchronous leadership learning experience that will enable students to explore leadership through the lens of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.

  • The 1st Co-Curricular Certificate is focused on Character – enabling students to explore their personal understanding of themselves and the leadership identity.
  • The 2nd Co-Curricular Certificate is focused on Collaboration – enabling students to explore the ways in which they can more effectively collaborate with others.
  • The 3rd Co-Curricular Certificate is focused on Citizenship – challenging students to explore how they can have a positive impact on the community and work to understand issues not just at the surface level but how to explore and address issues at the root of the problem.
  • The 4th Co-Curricular Certificate is focused on Positive Social Change – not only how they can work to engage in it but work to create sustainable and meaningful change.

These 4 certificates are designed sequentially and are meant to be a wonderful tool for students to engage in individually or in groups. Students that engage in this program will be able to immerse themselves in leadership development that will empower students to reflect critically on the important ways they can implement these skill sets into personal development.The certificates presented establishes a leadership framework that will support student’s skill sets on an individual, collaborative, and communal level. Whether you are looking to engage in the work individually or with a group of friends or a group of students, we encourage you to explore the first certificate here.

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