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Student Engagement, Empowerment, & Development

What is SEED? 

  • The Student Engagement, Empowerment, & Development (SEED) Program is an online Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate Series that provides students with a learning experience that enables them to explore leadership through the lens of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. This model enables students to comprehend one’s abilities, principles, and passions, particularly in how they connect to the individual's ability to exhibit impactful leadership.
  • This certificate is for Undergraduate and Graduate students here at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

About the Certificates:

This online Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate Series is designed to be a wonderful tool for students to grow not only in their professional leadership capacity, but also within their personal lives.

Students who engage in this program will be able to immerse themselves in leadership development, which will empower students to reflect critically on the important ways they can implement these skill sets into personal development. 

There are four separate certificates that you can take that are all available on Heel Life. Once you complete all four (character, collaboration, citizenship, positive social change), you will then receive a LinkedIn badge certifying completion of the SEED Certificate

Part 1: Character

The first co-curricular certificate is focused on character, enabling students to explore their personal understanding of themselves and their leadership identity.

Part 2: Collaboration

The second co-curricular certificate is focused on enabling students to explore the ways in which they can more effectively collaborate with others.

Part 3: Citizenship

The third co-curricular certificate is focused on challenging students to explore how they can have a positive impact on the community and work to understand issues not only at the surface level but at the root of the problem.

Part 4: Positive Social Change

The final co-curricular certificate is focused on not only how students  can work to engage in positive social change, but work to create sustainable and meaningful change.

Take the first step towards SEED-ing your future in leadership. Discover our sequential certificates, a path to personal and collaborative growth. Click our logo, or follow this link, to start the certificate program!

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