Start a New Student Organization

Student at Involvement Fair desk

The process for starting a new organization is available through Heel Life.  Not sure if your organization has been registered in the past?  Contact us at before applying so we can make sure you submit the correct form. 

  • Please note that while there are two distinct registration periods each year that are based on when a group transitions leadership, brand new groups may apply for initial registration at any time between August 15th and April 1st.
  • Please allow a minimum of fifteen (15) academic class days for review of your application (a longer period of time may be required during renewal periods).

Components outlined below for approval:

  1. Complete the online New Organization Registration form (more details below)
  2. Secondary officer completes the Online Officer Orientation form (separate from the Treasurer's Test)
  3. Advisor must complete the Online Advisor Agreement form using their ONYEN
  4. Attend a New Organization Meeting with staff from Student Life and Leadership (this is the last step before the reg. form is approved)

    How to access the online form

    The student who is the primary contact of the organization should go to

    1. Select the "Log In" icon at the top right corner of the page
    2. Use your ONYEN and ONYEN password to log in
    3. Select the "Organizations" hyperlink along the top toolbar
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the page
    5. Select the "Registration a New Organization" blue button
    6. Scroll to bottom of next page to locate the "New Organization Registration" form

    What information will I need to provide on this form?

    The first portion of the form asks questions about your new organization:

    State the purpose of your proposed organization.

    • Why does it need to exist?
    • What membership will it serve?
    • What will the organization's intended audience gain from the group's existence?

    Please provide the mission statement for your organization.

    • How will you incorporate that mission into your programs, activities, and/or services?
    • How does this organization differ from existing student organizations or University departments/services and/or how have those other student organizations or University department/services not met the needs of your proposed group?

    Please list specific organizations, departments, and services you have reviewed and the individuals with whom you have spoken.

    Demonstrate how the organization would contribute to the University’s mission.

    • What would your organization gain from official University registration?

    The second portion of the form is the organization recognition form, which includes:

    1. Requirements of Official University Registration
      • This will include stipulations of your group composition, adherence to university, state & federal policies, and advisor prerequisites.
        • Find an advisor for your organization.  Any full-time faculty or staff member of UNC-CH, UNC Hospitals, or an affiliated department; an emeritus UNC-Chapel Hill faculty or staff member; or a campus minister can serve as your organization’s advisor. The role of your organization’s advisor is negotiated between the organization and the advisor.  
        • The primary contact and the advisor must meet to review the advisor’s responsibilities and review the governing document.
    2. Affiliations
      • Any association with campus offices, departments, national, or international organizations.
    3. Contact and Organizational Information
      • Primary Contact: PID Number, Phone Number, Mailing Address (or student organization mailing address)
      • Treasurer: Name, Email, Phone Number
      • Advisor: Name, Email, ​PID Number
      • ONLINE Student Organization Advisor Agreement Form
      • Organization: Composition (undergraduate, graduate, both), Election Date, Membership Count
      • New organizations are required to have at least ten (10) members who are currently registered students of UNC-Chapel Hill, and you will be required to list these members during the roster step of the registration process.
    4. Organization Constitution and Bylaws
      • ​​There are 6 statements that are required to be included. Review below the Constitution Guidelines document for reference. 
    5. General Information
      • ​​Official Name
      • Acronym / Nickname
      • Organization Description Summary
      • External Organization Links
      • Contact Information & Address
    6. Organization Logo / Picture