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Advisor Resources

Student Organization Advisors

At UNC-Chapel Hill, all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are required to have an advisor to maintain registration with the University.  This requirement is in place because of the value that advisors add to student organizations.  Advisors provide guidance and continuity for organizations, and contribute to the overall development and sustainability of the groups they advise.

To serve as an advisor to an RSO, one must be a full-time faculty member or staff member of UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Hospitals, or an affiliated department; an emeritus UNC-Chapel Hill faculty or staff member; UNC-CH retiree with affiliate status; or a campus minister. 

Expectations of Advisors and the Organizations They Advise

The level of involvement that advisors have with their organizations varies, but there are some basic requirements of an advisor.  Groups and their advisors are required to review and complete the Online Advisor Agreement Form annually in which the basic expectations of each party are defined.  The minimum expectations of advisors are as follows:

  • Maintaining regular contact with the organization
  • Assisting the organization in abiding by UNC-Chapel Hill policies
  • Helping the organization to seek out and utilize available resources
  • Being familiar with the goals and activities of the organization
  • Providing support and guidance as needed

The minimum expectations of the organization include:

  • Abiding by UNC-Chapel Hill's policies and guidelines and seeking out counsel when there is a question about the organization's programs or activities
  • Consulting with the advisor as needed
  • Updating the advisor regarding organizational activities
  • Inviting the advisor to organizational functions

The student organization advisor and student organization officers may also agree upon specific duties and expectations, but those duties and expectations are optional, and should be mutually agreed upon in writing by the student organization advisor and the student organization officers.

Student Organization Advisors serve as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) and Responsible Employees. The University’s Clery Compliance Coordinator and the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office will contact advisors with details, including information about the required online training.

More information about CSAs can be found here. Responsible Employees can be found here.

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