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Paying your Carolina Union Invoice

Payment Methods  

Interdepartmental Billing Journal (UNC-CH Departments only)  

UNC-CH Departments may have their invoices processed using their chartfield string (CFS). The CFS should be provided by the department upon confirmation of their reservation.   

The Carolina Union Business Office will initiate the journal within 5-7 business days in ConnectCarolina. Departments are to approve the journal within 2 business days of the journal posting date.   

Payments for UNC Departments with restricted CFS are to be initiated and processed by the respective departments via Interdepartmental Billing Journal within 5-7 business days using the CFS provided on the invoice. 


All clients may pay their Carolina Union invoice by check. Checks should be payable to The Carolina Union and mailed to the address provided below. 

CHAPEL HILL, NC 27599-5210


    UNC-CH Student Organizations may pay their Carolina Union invoices with Student Government or Student Enrichment Funds.  Student Organizations are required to submit the appropriate request form listed below.  

    Student Government Funds (UG Senate & GPSG) 

    USO and Student Enrichment Funds 

    Credit Card (currently only available to Non-affiliated Clients)  

    Clients not affiliated with the University may pay their invoice by credit card. 

    This option is currently not available to UNC Student Organizations or Departments.  

    Invoice Terms  

    All Carolina Union invoices are due 30 days from invoice date.  

    Failure to pay an invoice by the due date will result in a 15% late fee. 

    Clients with outstanding balances may forfeit all reservations privileges.   

    Who to Contact? 

    Questions about Carolina Union invoices should be directed to the Carolina Union Business Office by email, [email protected]. Please include a copy of your invoice and invoice number in the Subject Line.  

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