Student Organization Handbook and COVID-19 Management Guide

Please download the Student Organizations Handbook, as well as the COVID-19 Student Organization Management Guide.

Student Organizations Handbook  COVID-19 Student Organization Guide

The Student Organization Handbook contains general information relevant to student organizations, as well as information about many aspects of event planning during a typical semester. 

The COVID-19 Student Organization Management Guide addresses current guidelines, modifications and recommendations as we operate under the COVID-19 situation. 

Note: Any student organization that desires to hold an in-person event must submit a Plan for Meeting Community Standards at University Affiliates’ Events. Questions about this form may be directed to Student Life & Leadership at

Please familiarize yourself with these documents and contact the SLL staff at with any questions.

We have provided some direct links to important policies for student organization leaders below: 

Alcohol Use Policy

Chalking and Posting

Event Services Reservation Policies & Pricing

Facilities Use Policy

Free Speech

Harassment and Discrimination 

Hazing Policy

Licensing & Logos 

Programs Serving Minors Policy & Procedures