Leadership Development Programs

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ACC Leadership Symposium

With delegations from each of the 15 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) colleges and universities in attendance, the annual ACC Student Leadership Symposium is designed to develop a community of ACC undergraduate students who understand the relationship between global and local issues and work collaboratively to create innovative initiatives that advance students' capacity of global leadership.  Students from each participating university will be grouped with peers from their fellow ACC schools for the duration of the conference.  Student leaders from current ACC colleges and universities will have the opportunity to engage in educational sessions, hear keynote addresses, explore topical content, and participate in experiential application through their group project collaboration and presentations.  This symposium always takes place in late February of the spring application.  

2020 Application and Dates

Where:  University of Louisville 

When:  February 28 - March 1, 2020

Application Available:  TBD

Application Deadline: TBD

Carolina United

What is Carolina United?

Carolina United is a program run through the Office of Student Life and Leadership that provides a safe and accepting environment for UNC students to explore diversity and multiculturalism within and between themselves. This environment is intended to foster collaborative dialogue that unites participants across their differences. Carolina United hopes to serve as a catalyst for greater recognition and celebration of this unity on UNC’s campus and in humanity.

In a normal year, Carolina United would have been a two-night, three-day retreat. This year we switched up the format to stretch over the course of the semester and split up the amount of time on Zoom.

Friday, February 26th 2021 4:00p-7:00p

Saturday, February 27th 2021 9:30a-12:30p

The week of March 15th 2021: 2 hour block of time determined by your small group

The week of April 6th 2021: 2 hour block of time determined by your small group

Friday, April 23rd 2021: 4:00p-7:00p


Total Hours: 13

Spring 2021 Application Timeline: 

Applications opens: January 27th 2021

Early decision closes: February 10th 2021

Application closes: February 17th 2021

What are we looking for in an applicant?

Carolina United is looking for passionate students who want to challenge themselves as individuals in an environment of perpetual growth and dynamic interpersonal exploration. Throughout this application process, we hope to get to know your authentic self. Therefore, please know that your application will be read without your name on the application and that all answers will be kept confidential.


The LeaderShape Institute is a six-day experience that will be offered during spring break. Students will focus on leading with integrity and solidifying a vision and passion for the future while maintaining a healthy disregard for the impossible.  If you have any questions or would like more information about LeaderShape please contact us at studentlife@unc.edu.

If you have any questions or would like more information about LeaderShape, please contact us.

2020 Application and Dates

Where:  TBD

When:  Spring Break 2020

Application Available: TBD

Application Deadline:  TBD

NC Fellows

Founded in 1967, the mission of the North Carolina Fellows Program is to reimagine traditional understandings of leadership by engaging in meaningful dialogue, creating a supportive community, increasing self-awareness amongst its members, and encouraging positive change.

Questions? Email NCFellows@unc.edu

Bell Leadership Symposium

The 2020 theme of the the annual Bell Student Leadership Symposium was Next Level: Achieving Carolina Excellence.  At the symposium students enhanced their leadership skills, recognized strategies to become a more effective leader, and created a Next Level HeelPrint Action Plan. Registration is first come, first serve. 

2020 Application and Dates

Where:  Carolina Union 

When:  October 24, 2020  

Application Available: TBD

Application Deadline:  TBD


UNC Spark is a a four-year cohort program whose mission is to assist self-identified undergraduate women of color in their transitions into and through Carolina, and to enhance the overall success of women of color on campus by creating a supportive community and providing opportunities for leadership and self-discovery. Each October, the newly selected first-year cohort of Spark women attend an offsite retreat led by the program advisor and the Spark student leadership, after which participants are expected to remain engaged with the program until graduation.

The 2021 Spark Retreat will take place on October 9-10, 2021, at the YMCA Camp Weaver in Greensboro, NC.

Questions? Email spark@unc.edu

LEAD DIY Workshops

From the makers of the LEAD Challenge, The Office of Student Life and Leadership is proud to present the LEAD DIY (Do it yourself) Kits. Leadership development doesn’t have to look like an in person workshop or a facilitated conversation. Leadership development can also be done from the comfort of your home over video chat with your friends and family! The LEAD DIY kits give you the necessary tools to dive into leadership topics in a fun and engaging fashion.