Academic Courses

Academic Courses

EDUC 309: An Examination of Quality and the Pursuit of Betterness (Spring Semester)

This 3 credit hour, seminar-style course seeks to facilitate trans-disciplinary dialogue about ethics, quality, and concept-based engagement with particular attention paid to achieving “betterness” and maximizing personal potential through greater self-awareness and knowledge of one’s impact on the world. Ideally, class discussions will serve to complicate the student’s thinking about these concepts and lead to greater awareness of self in various contexts. Students will be challenged to consider intentions regarding campus involvement, community engagement, and systemic processes.  

EDUC 317: Dynamics of Effective Leadership: Leadership Through Self-Awareness (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Dynamics of Effective Leadership is one-credit, pass/fail seminar that will allow students to personally examine their own leadership style and build the skills to lead effectively. This course will specifically focus on building self-awareness through exercises based in various readings and video viewings, as well as through class discussions. Students will explore theories of leadership and organizational behavior; practice skills such as effective communication and decision making that help to build confidence for effective leadership and examine their own leadership styles, values, and strengths.  

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