Academic Courses

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Student Life & Leadership offers several for-credit academic courses at UNC.

EDUC 309: An Examination of Quality and the Pursuit of Betterness 

Quality and the Pursuit of Betterness is a three-credit, graded seminar designed to provide students with a strong foundation of leadership development theory. The primary purpose of this course is to facilitate learning opportunities which allow students to think critically about leadership theory, and in turn learn more about themselves, others, and leading change within the community.

EDUC 317: Dynamics of Effective Leadership: Leadership Through Self-Awareness 

Dynamics of Effective Leadership is one-credit, pass/fail seminar that provides students the opportunity to synthesize prior knowledge about leadership as it relates to specific contexts.  The course is intended to generate critical thought, reflection, and application of leadership development.  Students will be required to engage in personal reflection concerning their beliefs and values and engage in discussion that leads to a more comprehensive understanding of leadership skill building.

Students who are interested in participating in a leadership development course should enroll for EDUC 309 and 317 through Connect Carolina.