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Ticketing Services

The Carolina Union Box Office supports paid admission to all events in the Carolina Union and various venues on campus such as Kenan Theatre and the Stone Center.  

  • Starting Spring 2023, the Carolina Union Box Office will phase out all printed tickets. Effective August 1st 2023, all ticketed events will utilize our electronic ticketing process. For more information visit our website. 
  • All ticketing contracts should be completed 14 business days from the date the tickets will go on sale. Contracts requests received under 14 business days are not guaranteed and will be charged a late fee of $25. Ticketing changes under 7 business days are not guaranteed and may incur a change fee of $25. Ticketing cancellations are subject to the Event Services cancellation policy.   
  • Event Organizer may request reports on sales for their event. The Carolina Union Box Office will provide only the following information upon request: ticket holder email address and number of tickets sold. To collect and receive additional information about a ticket holder, organizers must disclose this on their tickets before purchase.”
  • Ticketing Contract Request Form
    • The following details will be needed to complete the contract request:
      • Name of Event
      • Event Date(s), Start/End Time
      • Event Location
      • Event Capacity
      • Desired Ticket Sale Date
      • The time that doors open.
      • Number of complimentary tickets needed.
      • Payment Method
  • No sales may take place until the ticketing contract has been approved by the Box Office.
  • Purchase tickets for an event here.
Standard RateUniversity Department Discounted RateRegistered Student Organization Discounted Rate
Set Up Fee
Covers up to two performances of an event. Additional $5 per two additional dates. 
Sales Commission
Applied to all sales.
Admission Sales Tax7.5% applied to all sales Tax7.5% applied to all sales Tax7.5% applied to all sales Tax
Late/Change Fee
Applied when requesting services within 2 weeks of on sale date.
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