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CCS for Departments

CCS serves the design, photography and videography needs of UNC departments. We can tell your unique story or capture your most important moments through smart and well-crafted creative work.  

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We would love to partner with you! Please complete a request form to get started.

Pricing for Departments

Below is a list of rates for UNC Departments. For a quote or to discuss specifics, please fill out the request form or reach out to [email protected].


$120 (when applicable)*

*Rush fee is applied when a project request is made and accepted by CCS with less than a 2-week turnaround to final deliverables. Rush work is available at the discretion of CCS.
Photography (Event)$100/hour

$25/per hour for photo editing
Photography (Headshots)$150/flat*

$15/person for editing**

*This is for groups of up to 50 people. 51+ participants will be evaluated case-by-case for subsequent cost increases.

**Photo editing is a "cost per person" fee of $15/person. For example, if there are 10 headshots to edit, the cost of headshots will be $300 ($150 flat fee + $15x10 editing charge)
Digital Ads$50/week
VideographyVideography costs are dependent on project, timeline, platform, etc. and will be determined after speaking about your organization or department's needs.
Sharing and printing options:
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