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Plan Your Event

Event Planning Checklist

Seven Weeks or 45 Days Before Your Event:

  1. Submit your request for space. All reservations are considered tentative until you receive a confirmation email from Event Services. Do not publicize your event until you receive a confirmation from our office.
  2. Meet with your reservation Event Manager. Consultations meetings can be scheduled online, here.
    1. Provide general setup needs.
    2. Provide general run of show (pre-event times, event times, and departure times)
  3. Sign the Event Service Agreement
  4. Review Risk Management Information
  5. Review Event Details & Estimate and reply with updates or approval. 
  6. Most events will be confirmed after above steps 1-3 have been completed. 

Two Weeks Before:

  1. Submit detailed event timeline (run of show), setup and AV needs no less than 2 weeks before your event or during your event consultation meeting. These details must be reviewed by the events team to ensure that we can meet your expectations for your event. If timeline and AV needs are not received in a timely manner for review Event Services may cancel your reservation. 
  2. Request any event add-ons like: additional tables, chairs, microphones, sign holders, etc. no less than 1 week before your event. Ask your reservation team member for more details about what is available for your event. 
  3. Review your reservation estimate. There is a minimum invoice amount of $25.00 for services and/or equipment assigned to a reservation. Day of request for equipment / services may have charges associated. 

One Week Before:

  1. Review your most recent event details and estimate (if applicable). Event Services is not responsible for missed information regarding your events timeline once the event is confirmed. Communicate any errors or changes regarding your event ASAP to ensure they are corrected in a timely manner. 

Two Days Before:

  1. Submit any media (PowerPoint, Video, etc.) to Event Services. Our team will review the materials and follow-up if there are any questions or concerns. 

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