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Policy Introduction & Terminology


University-affiliated groups and unaffiliated groups have full responsibility and are accountable for the events or activities held in University facilities under their sponsorship. In making its facilities available for use under this assumes no obligation or responsibility for the activities of the person or group. Further, the University reminds all users to be aware of and comply with applicable laws, including those concerning safety, libel, slander, defamation, and obscenity. Officers of student organizations are encouraged to seek legal advice from Student Legal Services if they wish to hold an event with inherent safety risks.

The policies located herein provide information regarding the appropriate use of the Frank Porter Graham Student Union, the Pit, Student Academic Services Buildings and classroom space reserved by the Carolina Union Office of Event Services.

These policies exist to facilitate the fair allocation and safe use of the facilities. All activities in and use of facilities shall abide by these policies, all published University policies, as well as all local, state and federal laws. Failure to comply with these policies, damage to University property or conducting activities that infringe on the rights of others may result in the cancellation of the activity, loss of reservation privileges, additional charges and/or referral to other campus agencies for appropriate action.

The Office of Event Services reserves the right to cancel any activity, before or in progress, if the security and safety of the building and/or its occupants are threatened. The UNC-CH Police and/or the Department of Environment, Health and Safety may also suspend, cancel or close any activities if they deem appropriate. For all activities, sponsoring organizations are held responsible for the conduct of those attending the activity. Carolina Union staff will work with the designated person to seek responsible action, but retains ultimate authority if activities are not being conducted in accordance with Carolina Union and University standards.

The Carolina Union reserves the right to change these policies, guidelines and forms at any time.

Questions and appeals of sanctions may be presented in writing to the Office of Event Services.


  • Student Organizations - Reservation requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning two weeks after the first day of classes of the prior semester. Reservation requests for the Spring semester are accepted in the Fall, and requests for the Summer and Fall semesters are accepted in the Spring. On the first day of reservations for a given period, only online reservations will be accepted from 9am-12pm.
  • University Departments - Requests for reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning two weeks after the first day of classes of the prior semester. Reservation requests for the Spring semester are accepted in the Fall, and requests for the Summer and Fall semesters are accepted in the Spring.
  • Any Other Group – Per the Facilities Use Policy (Section VI-B.4), non-affiliated groups may not reserve space more than 30 days prior to the requested event date. An Event Registration Form must be submitted within the 30 day period and the Office of Event Services will determine whether or not the request can be accommodated.
  • Conferences – If more than 50% of conference attendees are non-UNC students, room fees and other applicable charges will be incurred (see Fees, V-A).
  • General Purpose Classrooms: Requests for reservations of general purpose classroom space are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning two weeks after the first day of classes of the current semester. General purpose classrooms may only be reserved by student organizations and University departments.
  • CUBE/Paint Cart – The CUBE is available for recognized student organizations for publicizing on-campus events open to the University. Reservations for CUBE must be made at least two business days prior to the desired advertising date. Events cannot be advertised for more than 10 days in advance.  If multiple dates are posted, 10 days will be counted from the final day of the event. The paint cart is reserved for an increment of 2 hours at the time of a CUBE reservation. Use of any paint or materials not provided by the Carolina Union is strictly prohibited. The CUBE and paint cart may be reserved in person at the Guest Services Desk Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. 
  • Meetings and events must end by 10 pm and rooms must be vacated by 11pm.
  • All organizations with reservations in the Union or Pit must check in with the Guest Services Desk at the beginning of the activity and check out at the conclusion. A UNC One Card or photo identification must be presented during check-in and check-out.
  • All major events within the Union are subject to a walk-through at the discretion of the Office of Event Services.
  • Any group conducting sales or collecting money in any venue must inform the Office of Event Services at the time of their reservation request.


  • Confirmation for all services must be obtained no later than 30 days prior to the activity.
  • Costs are associated with labor and some services.  Late fees apply.
  • Services may be arranged by contacting the appropriate departments.
  • Event Production: Organizations sponsoring meetings or events that require Guest Services staff, Tech staff, sound systems, stage lights, or special electrical needs must meet with Carolina Union Event Services.
  • Admission: All events that charge admission or take place within a controlled access venue must consult with the Carolina Union Box Office to determine whether services are required.
  • Marketing: Organizations who wish to have signage for their events must contact Carolina Union Communications & Creative Services.
  • Housekeeping: is available by request at a standard hourly rate.


As used in these policies, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms are defined:

  • University – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Union – Frank Porter Graham Student Union building
  • Carolina Union – University department in Student Affairs
  • Client – Any organization or individual holding an activity using Carolina Union facilities and/or services
  • “Open” activity – Any activity which is open to individuals other than members of the sponsoring organization
  • “Closed” activity – Any activity which is closed to any individual not a member of the sponsoring organization
  • Activity – Any gathering using Carolina Union facilities or services
  • Meeting – A gathering primarily of organization members for the purpose of furthering the organization’s mission that is not classified as an event
  • Event – An open or closed gathering for the purpose of entertainment or education requiring substantial planning and/or services
  • Major event – A lecture, entertainment engagement, concert, or conference, hosted by a student organization, where any of the following apply:
    • expected attendance exceeds 400
    • the event is “open” or staged outdoors
    • the event is sponsored by more than one student organization
  • General Purpose Classroom – Multipurpose space in an academic building provided by the Registrar and reserved by the Office of Event Services
  • Controlled Access Venue- Any venue where ticketing is required
  • Confirm or Confirmation – When a client obtains all needed approvals and signatures and returns required paperwork to the Office of Event Services
  • Student organization – A University-affiliated student organization which is currently recognized by the University
  • University department – Any University administrative unit or academic department
  • Non-affiliated group – Any organization that is neither a student organization nor a University department
  • Security – Any service provided by the UNC-CH Police, Show Pros, Chapel Hill Police, etc. for a gathering or event
  • Guest Services staff – Carolina Union staff responsible for monitoring and managing event attendees; Guest Services staffing requirements are determined by the Office of Event Services
  • Tech staff – Carolina Union staff responsible for running audio and visual equipment for events; Tech staffing requirements are determined by the Office of Event Services
  • Box Office staff – Carolina Union staff responsible for managing sales and capacity for ticketed events; Box Office staffing requirements are determined by the Office of Event Services
  • Operations staff – Carolina Union staff scheduled daily to manage room set up and strike
  • Guest Services Desk – Carolina Union staff responsible for directing building patrons, assisting with guest needs, and checking clients in and out of Union and Pit spaces
  • Raffle – Activity in which payment is required to participate in a game of chance; this activity is prohibited by the State of North Carolina.
  • Administrative Fee – Fee assessed to compensate for loss of resources and labor associated with planning a meeting or event.
  • Facilities Use Policy 
  • Town of Chapel Hill Code of Ordinances
  • UNC Alcohol Policy
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