Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting

Our Board of Directors is a representative group of campus leaders including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, as well as the Director of the Carolina Union. The Board meets regularly to discuss operation of the Union and improving student experiences within the building.  

Jaylen Evans, Carolina Union Board Chair

Jaylen Evans will serve as Board Chair of the Carolina Union Board of Directors for 2019-2020.

2019-2020 Carolina Union Board of Directors

Designated Student Members

Jordanne Briggs, CUAB President and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Chastan Swain, Graduate and Professional Students Federation President

Kira Griffin, Residence Hall Association President

Stephen Andrew Wright, Speaker of the Undergraduate Senate

Ashton Martin, Student Body President


Tristan Routh, Student Legal Services

Kierra Pittman, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Kelley Traynham, Student Body President Appointment

Serena Singh, Student Body President Appointment

Reeves Mosely, Undergraduate Senate Appointment

Student Group Representatives

Alysson Valverde-Torres

Raymond Tu, Campus Y

Sara Hernandez, Multicultural Greek Council President

Anna Zheng, Asian American Students Association


Wendell Gilland, Business School

Thomas Koonce, Medical School

Scott Myers, Carolina Dining Services

Allen O'Barr, CAPS

Non-Voting Member

Alexandra Marchesano, Carolina Union Executive Director