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Frequently asked questions

Who can reserve space in the Union?

The Union building and all of its operations are funded by student fees. Because of this, reservation priority is given to registered student organizations first, then to University departments, and when available, to other community groups.

Can I reserve the CUBE?

The CUBE is available for registered student organizations to publicize on-campus events open to the UNC community. Reservations may be made in person at the Guest Services Desk Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. See the CUBE policy on the Union website for more information.

Where do I get the paint cart?

The paint cart can be checked out from the Guest Services Desk. The paint cart is used for CUBE painting and is reserved at the time of a CUBE reservation for a minimal charge. Due to environmental and safety reasons, only the paint and supplies issued by the Carolina Union are allowed for CUBE painting.

How do I reserve a Pit table?

Student organizations can reserve tables for promotional activities on the edge of the Pit by contacting the Office of Event Services.

How do I get my group registered with the University?

Registration for student organizations is an annual process delegated to and administered by the Carolina Union’s Office of Student Organizations.

How do I connect to the Internet in the building?

ITS has enabled public wireless access throughout the Union. To connect, select the UNC-Guest wireless network on your computer. Open your web browser and click through the agreement page.

Where should I check for lost and found items?

Lost and found items are held at the Guest Services Desk, located on the second floor. All items, except credit cards and IDs, are taken daily to the Alpha Phi Omega Lost and Found, which can be reached at [email protected].

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