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Walk Home Safe with SafeWalk

April 2, 2018

Whether studying or hanging out with friends, one time-honored tradition on our campus is staying out into the late night. For Tar Heels burning the midnight oil this academic year, there is a great way to get home safely!

SafeWalk at UNC is a student-led organization that offers an escorted walk home during nighttime hours, led by students with training from the Department of Public Safety. Safewalk covers all on-campus locations, and many areas off campus. They are available from 11pm to 3am outside the Davis and Undergraduate libraries, or by calling 919-962-SAFE. SafeWalker escorts use their cell phones and stay in regular contact with a dispatcher in the Union. The Walkers are also equipped with bikes, reflective vests and flashlights.

SafeWalk is also taking applications for SafeWalkers visit their website if you are interested. “I really liked working there," said SafeWalker Sam McNeill, class of 2021. "It’s definitely for night owls! My coworkers were awesome, and getting to sit down for hours and get to know people was fantastic. You learn the campus really well, and you get to meet people from all walks of life, and learn the student culture that way. It really helps you see campus from a different perspective.” 

So don’t walk home solo this school year – get in touch with SafeWalk and get home safely!

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