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Student Staff Spotlight: Andrea Bustillos

March 27, 2017

Andrea Bustillos is a sophomore History, and Peace War and Defense double major. This is her first semester as an Office Assistant for the Carolina Union’s Administrative Suite. Her job consists of creating and updating documents, emails, and spreadsheets for the department. A native of North Carolina, Andrea's hometown is Raleigh. One of her favorite things about the city is how much history it holds, but also how it’s growing into an urban center. Get to know a little more about her!

What made you interested in working for the Carolina Union?

The number one thing that made me interested in working for the Union was the fact that I knew so many students who worked here. My friends work at the Info Desk, in the Admin suite, and the Communication and Creative Services department. They would always talk about how great of an environment it is here and how nice the people are. It’s also really convenient because I live close by. I just love what they do here and how everything is focused on students. I can definitely see myself working here until graduation.

Where is your favorite place both in the Union and on Campus?

My favorite place in the Union is probably either near Alpine where it’s always so lively or the bridge on the third floor that takes you over The Gift plaza. I love this lounge area because I feel like it’s separated from the building, but not too much because of all the windows. It’s nice that it’s not closed off. My favorite place on campus is probably sitting on the steps that face the quad outside of South Building. It used to be sitting outside of Wilson Library because I would sit on the steps with friends, but I love how quiet and quaint it gets towards upper quad.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

My fun fact is also a weird fact about me. I love sour cream. I could eat it by the spoonful if I wanted. I definitely do not eat it by the spoonful, but just know that I could if I wanted to. I feel like it’s something people wouldn’t know about me though because I feel like people always rag on sour cream and mayonnaise. I would NEVER eat mayonnaise by the spoonful, but sour cream - maybe.

How do you feel like this job is preparing you for your future career?

After graduation, I would love to work as a high school history teacher or at a museum in Washington D.C. I had a bunch of great teachers in high school but my English teacher in particular was so kind and taught us a lot of life skills. I want to give back to my community and be that kind of teacher. I think that interacting with the various staff in the Admin Suite helps us maintain professionalism. It’s also teaching us important organization skills that can be used in the future.

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