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Carolina from Home

Carolina Union student communications assistant Meg O'Shaughnessey is sharing her thoughts and musings as she wraps up her senior year at her family's home. Meg, a senior English major from Hillsborough, NC, is pursuing a career in publishing upon graduation.

Week 1: A Miracle on Zoom

Missing friends and Franklin Street, hanging out with the family cat, and a miracle on Zoom. Find out what Meg's first days at home looked like.

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Week 2: Lime Green Walls

Dealing with an explosion of boxes, and living with the design aesthetics of your 10-year-old self.

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Week 3: Let's Go Tyler!

While we should have been watching the Final Four this past week, Meg finds an unlikely source to fill the void of college sports.

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Week 4: Senior Week Reflections

By scrolling through old phone pictures and losing herself in the memories that had nearly been forgotten, Meg finds a way to celebrate Senior Week.

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Week 5: Pajama LDOC Celebration

Crossing the LDOC (or LLDOC in her case) finish line, Meg muses on an age-old UNC question: what is it that binds us to this place?

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Week 6: Stardew Valley Study Sessions

Even at home, the time-honored tradition of procrastinating during finals week remains as strong as ever.

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Week 7: Carolina in My Mind

A song all Tar Heels share takes on new meaning as Meg contemplates a graduation that is different than the one she had always imagined.

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