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More Than a Student: Margarita Phannavong

September 26, 2014

During September 24-30, 2014, we will highlight the students featured on the new More Than a Student banners along South Road. Check out the banners, and reach out if you'd like to learn more about these involvement opportunities!

Name: Margarita Phannavong
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Journalism and Mass Communications
Year: Graduate (Class of 2014)
Union Involvement: Event Services Assistant, Co-founder and President of Unique Heels

How has the Union helped you become more than a student?

"With the help of the Union Director, Crystal King, I was able to have a space that allowed me to work and see my passion for Unique Heels to come to fruition. Without her personal insight, access to the conference rooms, and great help from the Operations staff, it would have been very difficult for Unique Heels to evolve as much as it has to this day. Outside of academia, the Union has enabled me to be a voice for minority women."

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