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Let’s Go Heels! and #BeatDukeBeatCOVID

March 4, 2021

It’s almost game day Tar Heels and with that a reminder to enjoy the game while staying safe. COVID-19 doesn’t take a timeout, and neither should you this game day. Remember to be safe as you watch UNC basketball take on the Blue Devils this weekend – avoid large gatherings and practice the three Ws.  

WASH your hands  
WAIT 6 feet apart  
WEAR a face mask 
Looking for ways to celebrate during the game? Watch the game in small groups or take part in virtual events and contests.

Don’t forget to share your story. How are you are festively and safely watching the UNC-Duke game? Share on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BeatDukeBeatCOVID. 

It’s a team effort to keep Carolina safe and COVID-19 cases down. Play it safe by continuing to follow the University COVID-19 Community Standards.

Let’s Go Heels! And #BeatDukeBeatCOVID! 


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