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Jordan Bermudez Selected As Board of Directors Chair

April 3, 2018

Jordan Bermudez, a junior from Durham majoring in exercise and sports science, will serve as the 2018-19 Chair of the Carolina Union Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors Chair is the student representative on the Board and for the Union. Bermudez has already been heavily involved with the Union in her time at Carolina thus far; she currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, in addition to serving as the President of the Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB). Within these positions, Bermudez has learned the ins and outs of the operations of the Board, as well as which methods and tactics are best to reach students.

Bermudez initially applied to the Union Board of Directors Chair position because of her familiarity with the organization. She looks forward to spreading that familiarity to the rest of the student body, prioritizing visibility and accessibility.

“I want the students to see the Union as a place to come and talk about issues. Not only in times of crisis, but even when we think that things are OK around campus. I want the Union to be the hub where students can voice opinions and foster those needed conversations early on,” said Bermudez.

For more information, contact the Carolina Union at (919) 966-3128 or [email protected].

Check out our full interview with Jordan in the video below!

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