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Election Resources Available for UNC Students

November 2, 2020

As the 2020 election cycle draws to a close, there may be a range of responses to the results and questions about what the future holds. Several programs throughout UNC can help students prepare for and navigate their feelings about and responses to the elections.

UNC has created a website to serve as a central hub for information about support, programs and events to help the UNC community following a difficult and divisive campaign year. Please visit for information and a calendar of upcoming events. Additionally, we are listing two upcoming programs below:

Post Election 2020

Join faculty members from UNC School of Law and UNC’s Department of Political Science as they answer questions about election law, constitutional law, state and federal court systems, laws relating to demonstrations/protests and more. Panels of faculty experts in law and politics will come together for six non-partisan discussions to address the most pressing legal and political issues that arise in the days and weeks following the election. Topics for each session will be determined by current events. No two sessions will be the same. 
Registration is required for each session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Wednesday, Nov. 4: 7:30 pm
Thursday, Nov. 5: 7:00 pm
Monday, Nov. 9: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, Nov. 11: 8:00 pm
Monday, Nov. 16: 8:00 pm
Wednesday, Nov. 18: 8:00 pm
Panelists include Professors Mike Gerhardt, Andy Hessick, Carissa Hessick, Bill Marshall, Eric Muller, Kerrel Murray and Ted Shaw from Carolina Law and Professors Jason Roberts and Sarah Treul Roberts from UNC’s Department of Political Science. 

Living Room Conversations on Anxiety and the Election

Have you read the headline news about the election and found your blood pressure rise and your mood change? Do you find your inner peace shaken by the stress of America’s election season? How do we set boundaries for our own mental and emotional health, as well as have meaningful conversations with others when so much weight and importance is placed on a political event? How do we create the kind of atmosphere that will help ourselves, our communities and our country?

Join the Carolina Center for Public Service, the Campus Y and Student Life and Leadership on Nov. 2 from 5-6:45 p.m. for a virtual Living Room Conversations event on Anxiety and the Election. Register ahead of time here to join on Zoom. 

Living Room Conversations on the 2020 Election – Concerns and Aspirations

Even as the voting ends, the 2020 election season progresses. Countless voices clamor for our attention, our donations, and our time. This conversation event will be an opportunity to share and reflect on our perspectives with others, cutting through the noise to seek a more productive exchange about our different values and hopes for the future.

Join the Carolina Center for Public Service, the Campus Y and Student Life and Leadership on Nov. 4 from 12-1:45 p.m. for a virtual Living Room Conversations event on 2020 Election – Concerns and Aspirations. Register ahead of time here to join on Zoom. 

Living Room Conversations offers a simple, structured way to practice communicating in small groups while building understanding and relationships. Contact Ryan Nilsen at [email protected] with any questions about the event.

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