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CUBOD Chair Statement in Light of Recent Events

October 12, 2021

No amount of words can ease the pain, anger, or any emotions any of us may be feeling. As a community, we must recognize our mental health and perform actions that help to sustain it as individuals. The lives lost on this campus and in our communities impact each of us differently. It is essential to recognize those losses and provide space for us to process our emotions and feelings. We need to make time to take care of ourselves because we all matter.  

Remember always to put yourself first because you matter as an individual before anything. You can do this by routinely scheduling personal time on your calendar strictly for you and your needs and utilizing the resources on campus that are accessible for you and many other ways.   

This list does not encompass all the resources available to students, staff, and faculty. It is just a few. A few resources that are accessible through the University and Student Union include the following. In response to these events, the Carolina Union Board of Directors continually works on ideas to create a space accessible to students, staff, and faculty. To bring everyone together to come together and express themselves to allow students to feel recognized and their emotions. As we continue to transition back into a new way of functioning as individuals. 

The meditation room is a quiet space free from distractions.  It sits in the very back of The Underground in room 1101A.
Student Wellness seeks to enhance our campus community's individual and collective health through a wide range of programs, services, and resources. They offer 1-1 personal wellness coaching that focuses on maintaining the seven dimensions of emotional health.
Campus Health provides a full spectrum of expert, patient-centered, and inclusive ambulatory primary medical care for students, including full-service radiology, physical therapy, and pharmacy service.
Counseling and Psychological Services helps students gain healthy life skills and academic excellence by achieving and maintaining a healthy emotional and mental outlook.
Sister Talk is an organization designed to increase a sense of belonging and give women of color, specifically, Black identified women, the space, tools, and resources to navigate UNC-Chapel Hill successfully.
Remember, you matter. No matter how big your problems are right now, remember that the impact you have on your community is more significant than you may realize. As a community, let’s use this Wellness Day to take care of you and check on your loved ones. 

With love,

Jamya Graham


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