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Welcome to Your Carolina Union

August 23, 2018

Welcome back to Chapel Hill, everybody! As you get settled into campus, whether it’s for the first time, the last time, or somewhere in-between, you may not be aware of all the great spaces and resources your Carolina Union has to offer. We hope you will come by often and use all the great amenities -- because this building belongs to you.

We’ve got an art gallery in Room 2200 (this is on the side of the Union that’s closest to Davis Library, right by our Welcome Desk). We invite you to walk around and not only see the pieces in this room, but also the numerous works throughout the Union. The Gift is one of our favorites -- it forms the walkway facing Student Stores, and is a brick mosaic created by Senora Lynch of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe.

The Union’s ground floor is dominated by The Underground, one of our largest and most engaging areas! Collaboration spaces are right by the foot of the stairs and feature AV-equipped conference tables, while treadmill desks are located at the back. The Meditation Room sits in the very back of The Underground in room 1101A (and it’s cold, so bring a sweater!), while ping pong and pool tables can be found down the stairs in the old bowling alley, soon to be joined by a brand new video gaming area.

Our dance rehearsal space is to the right of the ping pong and pool tables in room 1306 and is often used by various dance and movement-oriented student organizations. As a major bonus, day lockers are available free of charge to any UNC student! Just make sure you get your stuff at the end of the day since they’re cleaned out every night around 11pm.

The Union offers gender-neutral restrooms to all students, faculty, and staff, which are located by Wendy’s. The Union provides a lactation room for parents to nurse their children and also contains a changing table and rocking chair. This is room 3200 on the third floor near the Aquarium Lounge.

We hope that knowing a bit more about the amenities offered here helps you settle in a little faster. Knowing what you have access to is just the start and we hope that you all make great memories here in the Union this school year!

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