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Union Cup Awarded

May 9, 2014

This year the Union’s student employees have been on a magical adventure as they competed for the ultimate prize of the Union Cup. At the culminating event, our End of Term Feast, the Union Cup was awarded to the house that has garnered the most gems with their excellent service to all. While all houses teetered on greatness, only one house came out on top. Those golden snitches hidden in the Union at the end of the semester also helped quite a bit as well. In third place was Gryffindor with 285.  In second place with 305 was Hufflepuff. Fetching 375 gems, it is our pleasure to announce The Order of The Phoenix as the winner of the Union Cup. Congratulations to Events Planning and Information Desk student staff, and thanks to everyone for making our year a great success!
Check out all of the photos from the End of Term Feast.

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