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Student Org Spotlight: Muslim Student Association

October 26, 2018

The Muslim Student Association has an important place on UNC’s campus as it fosters a space for the UNC Muslim student body where they feel included, welcomed, and free to practice. It also serves a place for the rest of the student body to learn more about the Muslim-American identity.

Rawan Ajeen, Vice President of MSA, views the major goal of the MSA as serving the Muslim student body and addressing any potential concerns, such as more inclusive dining options. As a voice for a minority group, the MSA aims to advocate for the Muslim student body and ensure it is not overlooked.

“Without the presence of the MSA, many students will feel as if they don’t have a space on campus,” Ajeen said. The MSA hopes to provide a voice for Muslim students at UNC and make certain that their needs are met and a strong sense of belonging and community is present.

In addition to advocacy, the MSA strives to educate. “We want students to learn that we, as Muslim students, are just like any other student on UNC’s campus. The only potential difference might be that we just pray five times a day and fast throughout the year,” Ajeen said.

Ajeen emphasized that the MSA and its events are open and welcome to all students, regardless of cultural, ethnic, or religious background. Since the MSA makes great efforts to educate students and community members, it is vital that the organization and its hosted events are open and accessible to everyone.

MSA hosts several events throughout the year that celebrate and educate. They include:

Sportsfest (during MLK weekend)
MSA Live
It has only been three weeks since the UNC Muslim Student Association held their popular event, MSA Live. Just like the past three years, the event was sold out as many people appreciate the social justice theme present with the event. The goal of the event, according to Ajeen, is to “have the audience leaving the event feeling motivated and believing they have a voice in activism - as we try to portray activism as more inclusive.” The success of the event highlights the important contributions MSA offers to the UNC community.

MSA Live features speakers that come from backgrounds and experiences that are uncommon on UNC’s campus. Most of the speakers come from identities that are marginalized and come from all different types of Muslim backgrounds so the MSA can further cater to the general body members of the MSA and portray to them that activism has no borders.

Students who want to get involved with MSA can join a general body meeting, held every Wednesday at 6:30pm in Room 3408 of the Carolina Union.

Note: Student Org Spotlights are a recurring series on the Carolina Union website that showcase UNC student organizations. If you would like your student organization to be considered for the Spotlight series, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Student Org Spotlight Request”.

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