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Student Org Spotlight: CUAB

September 10, 2018

If you are a UNC student, chances are you’ve experienced one of the Carolina Union Activities Board’s (CUAB) many great events. From large bashes such as Spring Jubilee to smaller events such as Heels on Wheels and Bubble Soccer, CUAB creates a breadth of activities that help make life at Carolina so much fun.

This year, CUAB is focused on reaching more diverse segments of the student body with more diverse programs. “When CUAB was first created, we were primarily focused on undergraduate students” said Alex Wang, Vice President of Programming. “However, as CUAB has grown we have expanded our horizons. Now we have a graduate and professional committee whose sole purpose is to put on programming aimed at graduate and professional students as well as their families.” In fact, all CUAB programs are open to graduate and professional students as well as faculty members - not just undergraduate students.

CUAB is also putting more emphasis this year on offering events that appeal to a diverse range of interests. “The goal of CUAB is that every UNC student can find a place within the organization or at an event we program” said Madison Langston, Vice President of Finance. “As each year passes, CUAB learns more and is able to create new programming to target different audiences. Through all of our different committees, we have put on so many different and diverse events that literally every student at Carolina can find something within CUAB that they enjoy.”

To ensure a broad offering of events, CUAB is aiming to widen the different types of experiences is creates. “Since the beginning, the entertainment committee within CUAB has always been prominent, but as CUAB gets more funding and experience, we try to place more focus on committees such as the arts committee,” Alex Wang said. The result of this is adding originality and creativity and offering new events to students in ways that were not thought of before.

Programming diversity has also been strengthened by CUAB’s collaborations with other on-campus organizations. “CUAB strongly encourages other organizations to collaborate with us whether it be for funding or a dialogue about an event they would like to see,” said Amber Goodwin, CUAB’s Professional Development Coordinator. If organizations are looking to collaborate with CUAB, they can reach out to [email protected] or complete the Collaboration Form on the CUAB’s web page or on HeelLife.

Yearly changes to its leadership team also help CUAB embrace fresh thinking and ideas, keeping the organization in a constant cycle of positive change. “As the leadership changes, CUAB’s goals change” said Molly Burke, Vice President of External Affairs. “Every person brings different experiences and perspectives to the table, which adds to the ability of CUAB to grow each year.”

CUAB offers a rolling member application that opens as soon as chairs request new members. New members will be added to committees on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit CUAB’s HeelLife Page to learn more.

CUAB Snapshot

President: Viviane Mao
Email: [email protected]
Heel Life:
Twitter: @CUAB
Instagram: cuab_unc
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