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Remembering Archie Copeland

February 17, 2017

The Carolina Union is regretful to inform that Archie Copeland, a former Union director (1987-1992), has passed away. Copeland began working with the Union in 1961 as a graduate assistant. He was quickly promoted to assistant director in 1963, and later to associate director in 1969, where he served until becoming Union director in 1987. Copeland’s tenure was marked by his commitment to the arts and inclusive programming. He was responsible for opening The Cabaret, a venue for free evening entertainment that featured local bands, poetry readings, and dance workshops, located on the first floor of the Union. The Henry-Copeland Permanent Art Collection, named for Copeland and Howard Henry (the first Union director), is proudly displayed in the Union and honors Copeland’s enthusiasm for showcasing local art. The collection reflects the richness and diversity of our campus community. Copeland also recently gifted his personal art collection to the Union. The Carolina Union honors Archie Copeland for his invaluable contributions to student life, diversity in the arts, and commitment to the mission of the Carolina Union.

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