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Osborne Wants More

July 15, 2015

Are you searching for something that is tailor-made for your interests? An organization that allows for student growth and an all-inclusive Carolina experience? Well, look no further; the Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB) is the answer to what you may be missing!
CUAB enhances the Carolina experience through programming and events that enrich campus life for the entire University community. These may include music, entertainment, films, speakers, performances, festivals, and art. Input from the Carolina community regarding programming and events presented by CUAB is valuable to their work.
The Carolina Union Activities Board has an “eclectic culture that fosters student involvement and growth in all areas," says 2015-2016 CUAB President Merrick Osborne.
Osborne’s goal for the 2015-2016 academic year is MORE. MORE. MORE. More student involvement, more programming for all students, and more collaborations with other organizations. Osborne seeks to achieve this goal through an increase in campus involvement.
As CUAB President, Osborne plans to push for continued growth for both the organization and its relationships. “Now that I am really working with CUAB, I want to have an increase in programming, new initiatives, and innovative ideas. It ‘s really important to make sure that students are actively engaged in programming that is relatable to them,” stated Osborne.
To actively engage students, Osborne intends to solidify his relationship with first-year students. Since Osborne’s class, 2016, was not able to experience FallFest their first year due to a rainout, his goal is to ensure that new students get a better introduction to Carolina through programming. In order to secure continued student involvement, attaining the interest of the first-year class is essential for Osborne’s plan.
Going into the 2015-2016 academic year Osborne’s theme will focus on Extending What Is to create an inclusive and inviting environment within the Carolina Union. Through the use of collaborations, the extension of committee members, and vendors, Osborne intends to make the Carolina Union and CUAB a true representation of the student body.
“I want CUAB to be the home away from home that every Carolina student would want it to be, and I intend on making it just that,” said Osborne with a smile. 
This feature is the first in our Summer Spotlight Series dedicated to telling the Carolina Union story through our many programs, services, and facilities. This series is led by Katrice Mitchell, a marketing assistant in Communications and Creative Services.

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