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LDOC Festivities Mark Day of Celebration at UNC

April 11, 2019

Ready to celebrate the end to the academic year? UNC will once again be abuzz with festivities for Last Day of Classes (LDOC) celebrations on April 26th. Music, food, performances, films, and athletic events are part of this year's LDOC fun-filled lineup for UNC students. Bring your One Card to ensure access to all events!

Check out the full schedule below! And if you're a student, please help improve future LDOC celebrations by taking this short survey, which will enter you to win great prizes like an Amazon Echo Dot:

Also note that there will be night-time food stations:

Manning Drive P2P Stop: 9:50-10:20; 11:00-11:30
Ridge Rd P2P Stop: 9:15-9:45; 10:25-10:55; 11:35-12:05
Lower Quad P2P Stop: 9:15-9:45; 10:25-10:55; 11:35-12:05
Upper Quad P2P Stop: 9:50-10:20; 11:00-11:30
Granville Towers: 9:15-11:30

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