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The LAB Spring Workshops

January 12, 2017

The Lab introduces its official lineup of spring 2017 workshops. Students can find tips on designing a professional resume, understanding the visual side of branding, and learning how to make patterns. Registration is required and will be open to students two weeks before each workshop.


Recipe for Resume Success
Students will learn basic design elements and resources in creating a well-designed resume, perfect in preparation for applying to internships and postgraduate positions. The workshop will take place on Feb. 22 at 7-8pm in Union Room 1506.

The Visual Side of Branding
Join The Lab’s collaboration with Campus Y in examining case studies about the importance of visual consistency as a critical component of an organization’s brand and its personality. These studies drawn from UNC and the greater community show how consistent graphics are developed and used to tell an organization’s brand story. The workshop will be on Monday, Mar. 27 at 7-8pm in the Campus Y lounge.

Making Patterns
Students will learn the basics of pattern-making from two talented designed of our very own CCS team and then create patterns of their own through a hands-on activity. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, Apr. 11 at 7-8pm in Union Room 1506.

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