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Dr. Shauna Harris Selected to attend Manicur Symposium

November 22, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Shauna Harris of the Carolina Union's Student Life & Leadership office for being accepted to attend the NASPA Alice Manicur Symposium. The Symposium, held in New Orleans in January, is a professional development experience offered every two years that allows time for in-depth discussions and small, faculty-led mentor group sessions. Dr. Harris shared her inspiration to attend the symposium and what she hopes to gain from the experience. 

What inspired you to apply?

I have been thinking about what the next position should look like for my career.  The NASPA Alice Manicur Symposium provides a space where women can come together and learn from other women currently serving in senior level positions at colleges and universities. I have gone back and forth about whether or not I would want to be in a senior level role.  Speaking with women currently in those positions and engaging in conversations centered on the successes and challenges with others who are aspiring to be in senior level position will assist me in making decisions about my professional path moving forward. 

What are you hoping to take away from the experience and apply in your work at the Carolina Union?

I am excited to reflect, learn and engage with other women about how to navigate politics, build effective leadership teams for student affairs, understand best practices concerning strategic thinking and planning and how to balance being in a senior level position while also navigating the various identities and roles I have.  Many of the tools I will learn can be applied to how I engage and lead as a supervisor with my team, program planning for students and how to be my best holistic self as an administrator/educator. As I am working towards my own professional development, I plan to take what I learn, share my story and invest back into others who are also working on their professional development plans.

Congratulations, Dr. Harris!

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