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CUAB is Seeking a DiverseU Coordinator

June 27, 2016

DiverseU is a student-driven social media campaign that offers a broad platform to showcase the experiences and stories of community members from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. First launched in 2015, DiverseU seeks to highlight ideas, research, and art though short stories, interviews, research presentations, discussion topics, art pieces, lectures, vignettes, dances, and more. 
Do you want to join the team and help us highlight diversity on our campus? Review the position responsibilities below and complete your application today!The DiverseU Coordinator will be responsible for:

Managing a team of committee members including:
Web designer/developer(s)

Formulating a vision for DiverseU to implement in story recruitment and publishing
Planning events to gather stories for DiverseU
Planning events to share stories for DiverseU
Assisting with ordering and distribution DiverseU promotional materials
Overseeing the development and implementation of a marketing plan utilizing various outlets (the DiverseU website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
Maintaining a budget within the CUAB Diversity (Chair) budget
Working alongside and within the diversity committee

Sharing and printing options:
linkedin facebook pinterest youtube rss twitter instagram facebook-blank rss-blank linkedin-blank pinterest youtube twitter instagram