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Creative Showcase: Allison Lyles

November 2, 2016

We sat down with senior graphic design major, and Design Assistant for the Communications & Creative Services team, Allyson Lyles to talk about the poster she designed for CUAB's Homecoming Comedy Show. The show is November 3rd in Memorial Hall and tickets can be purchased for just $5 in CUAB's office, Room 2519.


What inspired your design?

"When I was looking for inspiration, I saw a lot of hand-drawn lettering and basic hand drawing layered over photos. There’s a sort of organic quality to it that makes a simple design look a lot more interesting. I loved drawing out the words 'comedy show'. I spent a while sketching it out the microphone cord and forming words. I explored what it would look like to be one continuous line. There’s an intangible vision that I saw for the end piece, and I knew it was done when that vision matched and meshed with reality. Then I can walk away from the computer smiling."


Look for more Design Showcases in the future from the Communications & Creative Services team of talented students and learn more about the department here.

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