Reserve a Space

Reserve a Space

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Click here to reserve your event:

Event Services is your first stop for requesting space for your next meeting or event. Click here to view a complete list of available spaces and venues. Our office reserves over half of the spaces on campus including:

  • Union Meeting Rooms
  • Union Exterior Spaces
  • Union Event Spaces (Great Hall, Auditorium, West Lounge, etc.)
  • Pit and Solicitation tables
  • Select General Purpose Classrooms (Mon-Fri 6pm-10pm and Weekends)
  • Rams Plaza
  • Housing Spaces (lawns, bbqs, volleyball courts, etc.)
  • Historic Quads (Polk Place, McCorkle, Bell Tower)

If you don't see the venue you are looking for, contact our office and we can help connect you to the right office.


Reservation Guides & Training

The following are two guides to assist in understanding our reservation process and online request system.

Reservations 101 - Learn and understand Event Services terms, venues, policies, deadlines, pricing, and processes regarding reservations.

Making an Online Reservation - Learn how to use our online reservation system, Reserve Carolina.


Submitting A Request

If you are a member of a recognized UNC-CH student organization, you will need an account to access our online reservations system, Reserve Carolina. Check with your organization's primary contact for your account details.  If you do not have an account, you may request one through our office.  

If you are a member of a UNC-CH Department, you are welcome to use our online reservations system, Reserve Carolina.  We are also happy to assist you in person, just contact Event Services.

Request Deadlines

Please note: Weekend & Monday meeting requests must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday

See flowchart below for details.


Other Campus Reservations

To request classroom space during academic hours (weekdays before 6pm), contact Classroom Scheduling.

For information on reserving Housing spaces not included below in the related documents visit the Housing & Residential Education website.

To request Memorial Hall, Gerrard Hall, or Historic Playmakers Theater visit the Carolina Performing Arts website.

To request the Forest Theatre visit the North Carolina Botanical Garden website.

What Type of Reservation Are You Planning? -- see transcript

Reservation Decision Tree.

Is your reservation for a meeting? If yes, we need to know if you need food/catering. If yes, your event will need to be in a Union space, and we need 2+ business days notice. If no food, you may use housing or facilities venue, which requires 2+ weeks notice. Or, you can use Union or general purpose classrooms and we need two days notice.

Is your reservation for an event? If yes, will you be charging admission, will you need audio, light, or stage support, and is it open to non-group members? If yes to any of those, we will need 45 days notice to prepare. If no to all of those questions, what type of venue would you like? If Union or auxiliary space, then we need 30+ days. If campus rec, housing or historic quads, we need 2+ weeks.