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Exterior Banner Line

The following policy has been established to provide for the safe and equitable use of the banner lines suspended over the Carolina Union Plaza. Student organizations and University departments may display a banner by reserving the banner line on a first-come, first-served basis, in order to publicize events taking place at the Carolina Union.           

  • The banner line must be reserved through the Reservation Manager.
  • Events must not be advertised more than 10 days in advance of the last date (if more than one).
  • All banners must be approved by the Carolina Union Communications & Creative Services Department, according to these three options:
    • Communications & Creative Services may design and print the banner. Clients must meet with Communications & Creative Services at least 30 days prior to reservation for design consultation
    • Communications & Creative Services may print a banner design provided by client. Clients must meet with Communications & Creative Services at least 30 days prior to reservation for printing consultation.
    • Client may design and print their own banner, which must be approved by Communications & Creative Services a minimum of two weeks prior to reservation.
  • The banner must be 96” wide x 36” tall and be printed on vinyl with a grommet in each corner.
  • Banners must be submitted to the Office of Event Services two business days prior to the reservation.
  • Only one banner may be hung on the banner line at any time.
  • All banners must be hung by Carolina Union staff. The Carolina Union assumes no responsibility for damaged banners, either while in their possession prior to hanging or while banners are displayed. Nothing can be added to a banner that has already been hung.
  • Banners must be collected within three business days after the reservation or they will be discarded.

This policy follows the UNC-CH Facilities Use Policy

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