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The Lab

the lab

Welcome to The Lab!

The Lab is led by marketing and design professionals at the Carolina Union's office of Communications & Creative Services. Workshops are full of inspiration, useful knowledge, and hands-on activities. Sessions are free for any UNC student, and are designed to provide you with a fun and engaging way to expand your creative abilities!

Tar Heel Holiday Card 
Spread some Tar Heel holiday cheer by designing your own UNC-themed holiday card. Download our design kit to get started! (Note: right or control click on the provided fonts to install.) When finished, please take a short survey about this workshop!

Tar Heel Photo Walk Part 2 
Explore some of the great hidden photo spots on campus and around town! Photographer Nash Consing takes you to a local photo shop where you can pick up supplies like a 1990's-style disposable camera, and then shows you where to venture to get an iconic downtown Chapel Hill photo, a great nature scene and the best sunset view on campus. When finished, please take a short survey about this workshop!

Past Workshops

Tar Heel Photo Walk Part 1
Join photographer Nash Consing as he takes us on a photo tour of UNC's campus, giving us great tips and techniques for getting all the best shots at some of the best-known UNC spots.

Content Planning and Strategy
An exploration of how to connect your organization’s mission to communications goals and objectives, as well as creating a content plan that supports your efforts. We will look at different content types and how to effectively use multiple platforms to engage audiences in fun and unexpected ways.

Graphic Design for Social Media
A primer on creating eye-catching and informative graphic designs for social media. We will explore the fundamentals of social media specs, design best practices, and messaging hierarchy.

Videography Basics
A class that covers the basics of quick shooting and editing to create videos that look and feel polished. We will cover in-phone filming as well as use of DSLR cameras to help your organization create short films that show you at your best.

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