Student Clubs Host Weeklong, Overnight Fundraiser in the Pit

Student Clubs Host Weeklong, Overnight Fundraiser in the Pit

Carolina Blueprint—a weeklong fundraising event in which students sign up to build, live and fundraise out of wooden shacks—wrapped up Friday afternoon.

Carolina Blueprint is part of the larger Habitat for Humanity chapter at UNC, an organization that works on creating and promoting affordable housing in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. The organization’s co-director, Melissa White, created Carolina Blueprint last year to present more students with the opportunity to get involved.

“We had so many students wanting to help out with , but didn’t really a good avenue to do so,” said White.

This year, 10 clubs from all over campus hosted their own unique fundraisers—on-demand caricatures, pot painting for personal plants, pictures with a puppy, and more—en route to raising over $8,000 in just half of the allotted week.

With at least one member from each club having to remain in the shack at all times, and at least two per night, things were consistently busy with excitement in The Pit, with many students educating their peers about the situation on affordable housing.

"It's just an attempt to show how dedicated they are to eradicating the affordable housing crisis," said White.