NC Fellows 2024 Applications Now Open

NC Fellows 2024 Applications Now Open

What is the NC Fellows Program?

The NC Fellows Program is a cohort-based leadership and self-awareness program that has been present on UNC’s campus since 1968. The program seeks to rethink conventional understandings of leadership; to facilitate learning between and among program members; build a supportive community through methods like storytelling and dialogue; and to encourage positive social change by way of those mechanisms. 

The program can be described as:

  • Community-focused: Approximately 25 candidates make up each new class.  The cohort remains intact for the duration of their time at Carolina, building a supportive community. Diversity of thought, experience, perspective, and background contribute to richness of discussion, depth of relationships, and stronger community.
  • Academic: Program members enroll in EDUC 309 during the fall of their sophomore years and EDUC 317 during the spring of their senior years.
  • Co-curricular: Program members attend Monthly Seminars, an annual retreat, days of service, and more to enhance the work done inside the classroom.
  • Promoting personal growth: The curriculum pushes its members to maximize their potential. There are no requirements to apply (other than being, and we encourage applications from all first-years, regardless of previous experiences. We value inquiry, critical thinking, and humility.
  • Promoting leadership development: The program considers leadership to be a necessary ingredient in creating positive social change.

Members of the class of 2024 can learn more and apply at