Carolina Union Board of Directors Student Member-at-Large Application

Apply to become the Carolina Union Board of Directors Student Member-at-Large today if you are passionate about representing the entire student body at Carolina, and helping uphold the Carolina Union's mission to create safe, inclusive and educational experiences.

Board of Directors Purpose

The Board of Directors is comprised of a representative group of leaders on campus, including the Director of the Carolina Union, faculty members appointed by the Chancellor, appointed graduate students, and select student leaders from various student organizations. The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss the operation of the Union and how to better improve students’ experiences within the building. The primary duties of the Board include, but are not limited to:


  • Selection of the Chair of the Carolina Union Board of Directors
  • Participation in the selection of the Union Director
  • Review, evaluation, and approval of Union finances
  • Long range planning for the Union, including consideration and recommendation of
  • Necessary fee increases to the appropriate parties
  • Establishment of Union policy with regard to facilities use, programming, finances and
  • Such other areas as the Board deems appropriate
  • Final arbitration of disputes arising over Union policy



Position Summary

The appointed Student Member-at-Large is a student who shall be selected by the Carolina Union Board of Directors Membership Committee from an application process open to any registered, full-time student, not scheduled to graduate prior to the conclusion of the term they are to serve. This student will serve as a representative of the student body as a whole, and is thus a vital voice to the operations and the consciousness of the board. The Student Member-At-Large will be required to attend the bimonthly Union Board of Directors meetings, as well as meetings scheduled by any committees or subcommittees to which the student is appointed. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.



A completed application will consist of the following documents, and will be submitted to the Union Administrative Suite, Room 3103 by August 24, at 5:00pm:


  • Resume
  • Written response to the following question:  Why are you interested in serving on the Carolina Union Board of Directors as the Student Member-at-Large?
  • Written response to the following question:  The Union prides itself on being More Than a Building; what does this phrase mean to you?


Please keep responses under 300 words. Please forward any questions to