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aerial diagram of the CUBEs

Located directly outside of the Union, adjacent to the Pit, the CUBE provides an ideal opportunity to market to the campus community.

The CUBE is only available for officially recognized student organizations for publicizing on-campus events open to the University. Reservations for the CUBES must be made at least 2 business days prior to the desired advertising date. Reservations can be made in person at the Guest Services Desk Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. You can check the CUBE availability by looking online.  A cash payment of $12.00 is due at the time of your reservation for use of the paint cart. Exact change only, please.  Events cannot be advertised for more than 10 days in advance. The paint cart is reserved for an increment of 2 hours at the time of a CUBE reservation. Use of any paint or materials not provided by the Carolina Union is strictly prohibited.

A full list of policies is located here.