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Communications & Creative Services
Communications & Creative Services

Communications & Creative Services offers a number of resources to assist with publicizing events for student organizations and University departments on campus. Some of our most popular options are below, but please visit our departmental page here for more information and pricing.


Signage Outside the Union

If you are having an event in the Union, you might want to consider reserving the banner line or an A-frame to publicize your event. Reservations can be made through the Office of Event Services, and Communications and Creative Services can be hired to design and print banners and a-frame signs for you. These publicity options are designed to get people who might be walking by the Union to come inside for your event.


ActiviTV – Digital Signage Inside the Union

To get the attention of people inside the Union, try our digital signage system, ActiviTV. There are seven high-definition screens located on the first and second floors of the Union where an advertisement for your event can loop continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We sell advertising space in one-week blocks, and you may design your own ad, or hire us to design one for you!


Promotional Materials

To spread the word on the rest of campus, we offer the design of other printed pieces and promotional materials for you to distribute to publicize your event. Some of our most popular offerings are flyers, handbills, posters, postcards, buttons, and stickers. Having a really big event? You might want to consider t-shirts, a custom tablecloth, or a retractable banner! Check out our new Marketing Packages to get you started. The possibilities are endless!