Campus Collaborative Programming

Campus Collaborative Programming

Why collaborate?

The Carolina Union Activities Board exists to enhance life at Carolina through high-quality programming and events for the entire University community. CUAB aims to provide diverse programs to reach the entire student body, and collaboration with other students organizations is an important part of our work. In the past, collaborative programming has mainly taken the form of monetary sponsorships. This year, we want our collaborative programming to be more holistic in nature. The collaboration process would require both parties to be actively involved throughout the programming process, from planning to execution.

What are we looking for?

1. Representation. The Board should consider the number of students represented and the programming conducted by the organization.

2. Vitality. The Board should consider the organization’s past campus involvement and the amount of anticipated involvement.

3. Diversity. The Board should consider the ability of an organization to speak on behalf of under-represented voices in union Programming and the campus community.

What's next?

1. If your student organization is interested in programming an event with CUAB, then please fill out a Collaboration Request for CUAB review. 

2. After reviewing requests, we will contact organizations whose events complement our own to create more diverse programming and extend our reach among the student body.

Programs are finalized early each semester, so requests submitted prior to the start of a given semester will receive priority. However, requests can still be submitted on a rolling basis.