Spotlight Series

With 210 members, Blank Canvas brings an inclusive and supportive approach to dance, providing a platform for all dance styles and experience levels.

Fifteen years ago this month, the dedication of Native American artist Senora Lynch's "The Gift" transformed the Carolina Union and the UNC campus. We celebrate story behind her creation as an expression of Indigenous cultures and its meaning to members of UNC's Native communities.

The Persian Cultural Society has created an inclusive space that fosters a community for Iranian-American students at UNC as well as educates the greater community about Persian culture, cuisine, and identity.

UNC’s oldest student theater group, LAB! Theatre was formed in 1982 and initially focused on experimental theater, but has since expanded to support many different genres of theater, from musicals to dark dramas.

Antonio Petrazzuolo and Dean Nadler, both junior transfer students, formed the new Impact Investing Club to expose UNC students to the concept of impactful investing to promote sustainability and tackle environmental and social issues.

Housed within the Carolina Union is Student Legal Services, a nonprofit law firm available to full-time students. With three licensed attorneys and one legal assistant, this office has been helping Carolina students with legal questions since 1976.

As Richard Hall, a Senior from Fayetteville, takes on his new role as Student Member-at-Large of the Carolina Union Board of Directors, he hopes to provide a voice for inclusiveness and collaboration across campus.

The Muslim Student Association fosters a space for students to feel included, welcomed, and free to practice their religion. With a focus on celebration and education, this group has emerged as a strong voice for Muslim students on campus.

Expert designer, student supervisor, avid bread-maker -- meet the multi-talented Anna Bradsher, Design Assistant at the Carolina Union. Learn more about how her work at the Union is setting her up for success after graduation.

With thousands of visitors to our building every day, ever wonder who keeps things clean and tidy? Meet Kelly Schulte, student housekeeping supervisor and a psychology major from Youngsville.