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Existing Student Organizations
Existing Student Organizations

Annual Registration Process:

Registered student organizations must reapply for registration annually. Organizations that transition leadership during the spring or summer will complete their registration during the fall application period, that opens on August 10th and closes on September 30th. Organizations that transition leadership during the fall semester will complete their registration during the spring application period, that opens on December 1st and closes on January 31st. The registration form must be submitted prior to those deadlines in order for your organization to maintain your registered status for the year.

Organizations that miss their designated registration period will be set as inactive in the Office for Student Life & Leadership’s records and will have to wait until the next application period to register.

Registration extends from the time an organization is approved by the Office for Student Life & Leadership until September 30th of the following academic year for organizations that transition in the spring/summer and until January 31st for organizations that transition in the fall.

If you cannot find your organization using the search function of, this means your group is not currently registered and has been made inactive in the system. If you have questions, please send an email to

How to access the online registration form:

  1. The student who is the primary contact of the organization should go to
  2. Select the "Log In" icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Use your ONYEN and ONYEN password to log in.
  4. Select the "Organizations" link along the top toolbar.
  5. Select the "Search" link along the side toolbar, and search for your organization.
  6. Click on your organization's name to go to the organization page.
  7. Once on your organization's page, if it is your appointed time to register you will see a "Register" icon on the right side of the page.*

*This icon will appear if the registration form has not been submitted.


What is required of my organization during the registration process?

Each year in order to remain a registered organization with the university the organization needs to complete two steps in the process before the assigned registration period deadline. It is good practice to keep in mind the annual registration date to alleviate any issues.

There are two major steps in the re-registration process:

Step 1) Complete and submit the Registration Form and complete any necessary edits by communicated deadline

Step 2) Officer Orientation sessions

  • Both the president and the treasurer must attend (one person can receive credit for multiple organizations). If needed, another officer of the organization can attend for the president or treasurer
  • We will announce the Officer Orientation dates in our initial communication at the beginning of each registration period


What information will I need to provide on this form?

  1. Requirements of Registration
  • This will include stipulations of your group composition, adherence to university, state & federal policies, and advisor prerequisites.
    • Any full-time faculty or staff member of UNC-CH, UNC Hospitals, or an affiliated department; an emeritus UNC-Chapel Hill faculty or staff member; or a campus minister can serve as your organization’s advisor. The role of your organization’s advisor is negotiated between the organization and the advisor.  The advisor and the primary contact of the organization are required to sign the agreement form found here, but any other responsibilities are established by both parties.
    • The primary contact and the advisor must meet to review the advisor’s responsibilities and review the governing document.

       2.  Affiliations

  • Any association with campus offices, departments, national, or international organizations.

       3.  Contact and Organizational Information

  • Primary Contact: PID Number, Phone Number, Mailing Address (or student organization mailing address)
  • Treasurer: Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Advisor: Name, Email, ​PID Number
  • Student Organization Advisor Agreement
  • Organization: Composition (undergraduate, graduate, both), Election Date, Membership Count

       4.  Organization Constitution and Bylaws

  • As an organization that has previously been registered by the University, you should already have a constitution and bylaws.  Please make sure that you upload the most current version of your constitution and bylaws during the annual registration process.  If you have questions about the format, a sample outline and info on how to get more help may be found here.

       5.  General Information

  • Official Name
  • Acronym / Nickname
  • Organization Description Summary
  • External Organization Links
  • Contact Information & Address

       6.  Organization Logo / Picture