Event Planning

Event Planning

Communications & Creative Services

As part of the Union, Communications & Creative Services makes the Carolina community aware of services, spaces, and events that the Union offers, by means of Union publications, signage, advertisements, and branding with a unified style.

The Design Services department helps student organizations and University departments to communicate a message about their group to a target audience. Design Services uses two main channels to market organizations and departments: print design and web/interactive design. Both of these can help groups attract more members; advertise their mission or purpose; let people know about an event, contest, or survey; or direct people through a space.

The CCS staff is available to aid student organizations with the marketing of events and the design of publicity materials. Please note that these services are in high demand throughout the year. To enhance the likelihood of receiving assistance with your marketing and design needs, it is crucial that you communicate your needs well in advance of your deadline or event date

Office of Event Services

Carolina Union Event Services is a team of passionate experts dedicated to ensuring all meetings and events meet their potential by delivering comprehensive scheduling and ticketing, innovative audio visuals, and welcoming environments. Event Services is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and schedules all spaces within the Carolina Union during normal operating hours. Select General Purpose Classrooms are available after 6pm on weekdays and during weekend classroom hours. Event Services provides assistance throughout the entire event lifecycle to ensure your meeting and/or program is seamless and successful!

Reserve Carolina

Any Student Organizations wishing to reserve space through the Office of Event Services must be officially registered with the Office of Student Life and Leadership located in the Carolina Union. Requests for a reservation are submitted through Reserve Carolina and an account is required for access. If you do not have an account or need to get access to your account please contact Event Services. No training is required to utilize the Reserve Carolina system, but we do encourage organizations to review the how-to guides provided on the landing page.

‘First Day of Reservations’ for the following semester always occurs 12 business days from the first day of classes at the start of the current semester.

Reservation Scheduling Cycle:

Fall Semester

  • Requests can be made for Union spaces for the current fall semester and upcoming spring semester
  • Requests can be made for select General Purpose Classrooms for the current fall semester 

Spring Semester

  • Requests can be made for Union spaces for the current spring semester and upcoming fall semester
  • Requests can be made for select General Purpose Classrooms for the current spring semester

Timeline for making requests:

  • 30+ Days for events (any reservation requiring production support and/or ticketing)
  • 30+ Days for Auxiliary Services space (Rams’ Head)
  • 2+ Business Days for meetings in Union, and General Purpose Classroom spaces; Weekend &
  • Mondays requests must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday
  • 2+ weeks for Housing, Facilities, & Campus Rec spaces

For more information: http://reservecarolina.unc.edu

Service Agreement, Charges, and Invoicing

Once a reservation is confirmed, a confirmation email is sent to the primary contact listed within Reserve Carolina. It is imperative to read the confirmation email as it will include a service agreement detailing policies, a reservation summary, and estimates of charges, if applicable. Please note, if the primary contact for your event changes at any point during the reservation process, you must inform the Office of Event Services immediately. If a reservation has incurred charges, the invoice is generally sent to the primary contact within 5 business days after the event. Payment must be received by the due date on the invoice in order to remain in good standing with the Office of Event Services. Failure to remit payment by the due date can result in the loss of current reservations, loss of reservation access, and/or a fine of up to $100.

For more information see Event Services.

Sales and Event Income

Groups conducting sales in the Union or Pit must obtain a sales permit from the Office of Event Services. Other than some locations under management by the professional schools, sales are limited to the Pit and Solicitation Tables, and require a Sales Permit; these permits are available from Event Services in Union 3103. No group may sell goods or services on consignment, rent, or lease, and must show their bill of sale/receipt. No sales or sales promotion shall be conducted in such a manner as to establish or to extend to the campus the appearance of a commercial enterprise.

For more information: see Sales and Event Admission.


Facilities Not Reserved Through Event Services

Risk Management

Risk management is the deliberate plan for the reduction of events and behaviors that could cause someone harm. Simply put, risk management means demonstrating concern for the safety of participants. On a much higher level, risk management means making sure that the sponsor’s liability is minimized by taking every precaution through the anticipation of potential problems. All of a student group's activities – receptions, athletic contests, and other events – carry some risk. For this reason, organizations must learn to identify and reduce risky behavior.

For more information see  Carolina Student Legal Services.

Contracts & Letters of Agreement

If you are planning any type of program or service where you are arranging to have any agency or person outside of your organization perform a service (food, DJ) or program (concert, speech), you should always have a contract or letter of agreement. The larger and better known the act, the more likely they will have a contract and a technical rider for you. A technical rider is a document that accompanies many contracts and is equally binding between the sponsor and the artist. When planning a program that involves a contract, ask for a copy of the technical rider as well.

Forty-five days before the event, contracts must be reviewed by the Office of Event Services and the appropriate legal office before a final signature is obtained. Upon review of the contract by the Office of Event Services and the appropriate legal office, the event may also be given to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee for approval. It is highly recommended that ANY contracts negotiated by student organizations be reviewed by Office of Student Life & Leadership  and Carolina Student Legal Services.