Student Organizations Handbook

Student Organizations Handbook

Scroll to the end of the page to locate a PDF version of the Student Organizations Handbook. Please consult this document when planning programs, constructing a constitution, and any general questions you have regarding policies and procedures at the university. We have provided some direct links to important policies for student organization leaders below: 

Hazing Policy

  • The University’s policy on hazing prohibits, “Causing or permitting a person, with or without consent, to engage in activities that subject that individual or others to risks of physical injury, mental distress, or personal indignities of a highly offensive nature, in connection with recruitment, initiation, or continued membership in a society, fraternity or sorority, club, or similar organized group, whether or not recognized by the University.”
  • For more information see The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance.

Examples of specific activities that could constitute hazing: 

  • Forced or coerced consumption of alcohol
  • Calisthenics, push-ups, sit-ups, runs, etc.
  • Paddling
  • Road trips (dropping of pledges to find their way back)
  • Line-ups (lining up people and harassing them verbally or physically)
  • Running personal errands of members

Licensing & Logos 

Items incorporating UNC-CH trademarks must be approved in advance by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing.

All registered student organizations have access to use UNC-CH trademarks as long as they follow the guidelines set forth by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing and purchase from licensed manufacturers.  The Office of Trademarks and Licensing has a list of local printers that have expressed a willingness to produce special-order merchandise for campus organizations. These vendors will submit your designs to the Trademarks and Licensing Office for approval. In general, the use of a University mark along with your organization's name or special event will receive approval.

Alcohol Use Policy

Generally, persons who are over 21 years of age may purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages.  This privilege extends to their homes or temporary residences.  It is unlawful for any person under 21 to purchase, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverage; to give or to sell any alcoholic beverage to anyone under 21; or to aid or to abet anyone under 21 in purchasing, possessing, and consuming any alcoholic beverage.  

Student organizations are subject to all related University policies on alcohol including but not limited to the Late Night Party Policy or the policy of any on-campus building in which an event occurs.  

  • Groups that belong to the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, Greek Alliance Council, or National Pan-Hellenic Council are subject to the Fraternity & Sorority Alcohol Policy.

For more information see the UNC-CH Alcohol Policy and visit

Free Speech

Carolina is committed to fostering an environment where intellectual engagement flourishes. The free exchange of ideas is what makes ours a vibrant academic community.

Outdoor public spaces on campus are open to all regardless of their views, as long as they follow the law and University policy.  The University’s Policy on Freedom of Speech and Expression applies to all students, staff, and faculty of the University, as well as to all campus visitors wishing to engage in expressive conduct on campus.

For more information:

Harassment and Discrimination

Sexual and racial harassment constitute unlawful discrimination, violate law and University policy, and are not tolerated in the University community.  The Office of the Dean of Students is available to assist with issues regarding harassment and discrimination. Visit the Dean of Students website for the University’s Policy on Prohibited Harassment, Including Sexual Misconduct, and Discrimination, along with information about support resources and reporting options, and contact information.

Programs Serving Minors Policy & Procedures

Student organizations that bring minors to campus should be aware of the University’s policy regarding minors on campus. If this is a function of your organization you should strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for all individuals visiting the University. Please read below for some specific requirements but feel free to access the policy in its entirety.

  • Getting Registration and Approval
  • Background Checks
    • Any faculty, staff, students, or volunteers over the age of 18 assisting in the administration of the program must complete a background check each year.
    • They must be completed before any program staff interacts with minors
    • Student organizations must use a qualified background check vendor that is a member of the National Association of Background Check Screeners
    • The cost for administering the background checks are borne by the student organization. The student organization can defer the cost to the individual having the background check
    • If there is any concern over the results of a background check the student organization should consult with their own human resources professionals or legal counsel*

*Feel free to consult with Carolina Student Legal Services.

Compliance with the Policy on the Protection of Minors is the responsibility of all University faculty, staff, volunteers, interns, and students, as well as anyone using University facilities.

The Protection of Minors Coordinator provides guidance and oversight, and a website with more information, resource, and contact information is available at

For more information see The University Policy on the Protection of Minors.

Facilities Use Policy 

This document covers the use of all University facilities and property, including outdoor spaces.  All registered student organizations and members of the University community are subject to compliance.  Of particular concern is the distribution of pamphlets, written materials, publications, and advertisements; solicitation of charitable contributions; and commercial promotions, commercial sales, and fundraising events

For more information see the University Policy on Facilities Use.

Event Services Reservation Policies & Pricing

View the Event Services Policies  to learn more about the policies & pricing for reserving spaces as a Registered Student Organization. More details can be found in the Student Organization Handbook, which can be found below.