Frequently Asked Questions for Participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it overnight? Where are we going? Where do we sleep?

This experience is 3-day and 2-nights. It will be located at an off-site location. All students will be staying on bunk beds in air conditioned cabins. There's no actual "camping" going on.

What do we do?

Each day will be comprised of themed sessions that will consist of a large group activity or discussion. Each session will be followed with other small group activities or discussions. Themes will not be released to participants prior to the conference so that participants may enter with a clean slate, allowing them to engage fully with the presentation at the time it's given.

Do I need to provide my own food and snacks?

Nope! Food and lodging are provided, but we ask that you bring your own snacks.

What about transportation?

Student Life & Leadership provides transportation.